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MANSORY AVIATION - Ready for take-off with a new area of activity.


Production on the highest technical level combined with masterly craftsmanship and most precious materials – this is the quality standard of MANSORY LUXURY AVIATION. Timeless designed cabin interiors and striking technology components are only the basis of the MANSORY AVIATION programme. Practically, extravagant and noble, MANSORY cabin interiors render comfort and confidence.


Whether custom modifications to enhance the operation of the aircraft or an individual paint scheme MANSORY LUXURY AVIATION will be able to offer you the entire product portfolio for non-cabin related work. Engineered and performed to the highest quality standards will guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for outer appearance of your aircraft.


Every aircraft cabin is unique and has its own particular character. We would like to help you effortlessly achieve this style, to accentuate it, and of course, to maintain it for as long as possible, so that you feel at home, even when you’re 15,000 metres above sea level. Interior refurbishment and detailing services for jet and helicopter at MANSORY.


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